When Banyan Tree Spa opened in Asia's first luxury spa resort – Banyan Tree Phuket, Thailand in 1994, it pioneered the tropical garden spa concept with its Eastern therapies and holistic focus on spiritual, mental and physical harmony. As the first luxury oriental spa in Asia, it reintroduced an exotic blend of ancient health and beauty practices which have been passed down from generation to generation.

Weightless Experiences

Weightless is a new range of spa therapy that combines gentle floatation, calming sound therapy with body stretch and massage techniques that are performed while one is floating on water. This therapy promotes mind-body relaxation, eases muscle tension and improve functional movements.

Wave Stretch (60-minute treatment)

Be lulled into deep relaxation with the rhythmic flow of water and gentle tension point massage. Ideal for those seeking a higher state of mind and body relaxation.

Siam Stretch (60-minute treatment)

A unique treatment combining Thai massage techniques and floatation therapy. Recommended for those looking to ease overall body tension.

Exclusive Price: THB 2,900 per person per session (Standard Price: THB 5,000)

Valid till 30 June 2020. Available from 10.00am to 6.00pm. Advance reservation is required.