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Contact Details:

Elements Spa By Banyan Tree, Tivoli Victoria
Apt. 665
8125 Vilamoura Algarve Portugal
Tel: +351 289 317 400
Fax: +351 289 317 401

Opening Hours:
Autumn - Winter: 10am to 7pm daily
Spring - Summer: 10am to 8pm daily

Classic Rejuvenation

For a complete rejuvenating wellness experience, Elements Spa By Banyan Tree presents a selection of popular therapies combined to pamper you from top to toe.

All Spa sessions (except hand, foot, hair and waxing treatments) come with an additional 30-minute Calm Time of Refreshments and Relaxation, comprising a welcome footbath, and some post-treatment time to relax over an herbal drink and healthy dessert. Enjoy the difference.

For Him & Her Duration : 90-minute treatment & 30-minute refreshments and relaxation
Price : Euro 170 per person
Select from a Choice of Body Scrub, carefully concocted and freshly prepared, harnessing the natural benefits of locally sourced ingredients. Each scrub presents unique benefits to suit different skin types. Emerge with smoother skin after the scrub and choose from a selection of Body Massages to complete the rejuvenating experience.

90-minute treatment includes:
Choice of Body Scrubs • Choice of Body Massages

Choice of Body Scrubs For Her
Wheat Sesame Nourish Scrub - Rhis Body Scrub effectively nourishes and cleanses dry skin.

Apple Sesame Scrub - With its anti-oxidant benefits, this Body Scrub treats skin conditions and provides nourishment to all skin types.

Lime Yoghurt Scrub - The cleansing effect of the fruit acid is a perfect skin refresher for all skin types.

Choice of Body Scrubs For Him
Red Wine Scrub - This Body Scrub, suitable for all skin types, works to exfoliate dead skin and at the same time stimulate circulation.

Herbal Salt Scrub - Suitable for oily skin, this Body Scrub removes excess oil from the skin and removes dead skin cells, revealing smoother skin.

Ginger Lemon Scrub - Experience cleansed and youthful skin with this Body Scrub which is perfect for normal skin.

Choice of Massages
Essence of Earth
Lomi Lomi
Thai Classic