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Banyan Tree Spa Mayakoba
Carretera Federal Chetumal-Puerto Juarez Km. 298
Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo
C.P. 77710 Mexico
Tel:+52 984 122 5068
Fax: +52 984 877 3689

Opening Hours :
9am to 10pm daily
(Last treatment ends at 10pm.)

The Rainforest

Developed and conceptualised by Banyan Tree Spa, The Rainforest is a complete hydrothermal experience combining the best of European spa and hydrothermal therapy with the essence of Asian wellness philosophy to create a haven of serenity, warmth and comfort and to complement the romance of travel at Banyan Tree.

With eight different hydrothermal therapy experiences, The Rainforest Trail is designed for a romantic experience, to soothe and revitalise your body, presenting a truly holistic and rejuvenating wellness experience.

Rain Walk
Embark on The Rainforest Trail and surrender yourself to an invigorating Rain Walk. Be caressed with a generous cascade of warm water to cleanse your body, preparing it for The Rainforest experience.

Aroma Steam
Feel your tension melting away in this steam chamber. With a high temperature, heavy perspiration is induced which in turn promotes the elimination of one’s internal impurities. A salt scrub is available for your use, to further complement the detoxification process. Your immune system also receives a boost as circulation improves.

Herbal Sauna
This is an ideal introduction for your first detoxifying treatment. High humidity steam gently warms the body to stimulate the blood circulation while your mind slowly relaxes with the therapeutic herbal aromas infused into the cabin.

Expect a sensory sensation in the pre-heated Rasul chamber as therapeutic mud, with detoxifying effects, is applied to the body. The chamber is beautifully designed with a ceiling filled with twinkling starlights for a tantalising experience.

Brine Cavern
The combination of steam and salt is the ideal remedy for enhancing respiration. The body heats up gradually which gently strengthens the circulatory system and initiates a purifying and detoxifying process.

Ice Fountain
This unique and refreshing experience helps boost one’s blood circulation. Rub fresh ice on your body to tighten your skin while enhancing your circulatory system. Recommended for those who wish to address a specific cellulite-prone area. The Ice Fountain complements the Finnish Sauna experience.

Experience Showers
Tantalise your senses and choose from varied rain shower experiences, including a Summer Storm, an Arctic Mist and a Tropical Rainbow. These showers are designed to increase or reduce body temperature, making them a good complement between your hydrothermal treatments and bring the showering experience to a whole new level.

Surrender yourself to the warmth of the summer rain, followed by cool mist depicting the nearing of a storm. The intensity of the rain increases, with lightning overhead, the sound of thunder and the lighting changes accordingly to re-create an authentic Summer Storm.

Experience the Arctic Mist amidst the soothing ambience of The Rainforest. The warmth of the shower cools to a brisk shower and the musical sounds of ice and wind creates the feeling of a winter snow fall. The shower alternates from warm to cool to give a contrast in temperature.

The warm mist signals the start of a tropical shower and a light sprinkling of rain warms the body and massages the feet. In the distance, the call of birds and jungle animals adds to the Tropical Rainbow feel.

Vitality Pool
Water jets are used for the treatment of stress and various types of muscles aches. It is a soft acupressure over all the body, which calms the mind and reduce tension.

A Guide to The Rainforest

The most important rule of thermal bathing is to allow time for your body temperature to cool and normalise after using a warm hydrothermal experience. Body cooling can be accelerated by using the various showers on offer and the Ice Fountain. Please refrain from using the Hot Dip Pool after taking a warm room treatment.

A period of passive relaxation on a lounger is always recommended to complete the therapeutic process. The greatest benefits are achieved when the bather adheres to these rules and guidance from the Hydrothermal Host.


Spa & The Rainforest Experience
Personal Hydro Experience Duration : 60-minute experience
Price : USD 38++
Experience the hydrothermal facilities at your leisure and let the unique effects of the hydrothermal facilities indulge you along The Rainforest trail.
The Rainforest Indulgence Duration : 150-minute treatment & 30-minute refreshments and relaxation
Price : USD 250++
Begin your hydrothermal therapy with a stroll through the cascading shower of the Rain Walk. At the Rain Shower, let the effects from the Body Scrub and Conditioner work in moisturising and exfoliating the body, unveiling cleansed and smooth skin. A warm soothing sensation waits next in the Brine Cavern which aids in improving respiratory function and purifying the body before the Tropical Rainbow transports you to a tropical Rainforest where a mystical light sprinkle of rain and warm mist surrounds you. Finally, complete this indulging experience in the Vitality Pool followed by a 60-minute Body Massage of your choice.

150-minute treatment includes:
Rain Walk Aroma Steam • Rain Shower & Body Scrub and Conditioner • Brine Cavern • Tropical Rainbow • Vitality Pool • Choice of Massages